понеделник, 21 юли 2014 г.

Breakfast time

Good morning and happy Monday!
Today I woke up in 5am when my boyfriend was leaving for work and I decided to have a little breakfast and watch the sunrise instead of going back to sleep. I rarely have breakfast these days, but when I do I eat cereal or fruits. However, this morning I had only 1 banana left (the monkey eat them all) and I made myself this delicious and fulfilling breakfast:

200 gr Bulgarian sour milk (yogurt) 
1/2 banana
3 walnuts 
2 table spoons of honey 

I poured my yogurt into a bow, cut up the banana, broke the walnuts and poured on my honey. It so easy, it's delicious and it's a great healthy way to start your day! 

Добро утро и честит понеделник!
Днес се събудих в 5, когато приятелят ми тръгваше за работа и реших да си направя закуска и да гледам изгрева, вместо отново да си легна. Напоследък рядко успявам да закуся, но когато го правя залагам на зърнена закуска или плодове. Тази сутрин обаче имах останал само 1 банан (маймунката ги изяде) и си направих тази вкусна и засищаща закуска: 

200 гр кисело мляко
1/2 банан
3 ореха
2 лъжици мед

Сипах млякото в купичка, нарязах банана, натроших орехите и полях всичко с мед. Толкова е лесно, вкусно и е чудесен начин да започнеш деня!

Have a great week!


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  1. i never thought to have yogurt with all of that. it look really good :) and props to you for getting up that early. I probably would have just rolled over and gone back to bed!! haha :)

  2. Любимата ми закуска! :)) Само че орехите заменям с овесени ядки :))

  3. Looks delicious! <3


  4. Great idea! Looks so delicious!

  5. Ur breakfast looked delicous n healthy to me.. Thanks fr sharing xo

  6. Sounds and looks soo good!


  7. Nice combination, I should try it sometimes :D

  8. great meal! i eat this everyday but not with banana!i use green apples!

  9. that looks great!
    happy day!