петък, 2 май 2014 г.

Photo Diaries - OOTD's, Office space and Nature

I really want to share more photos made by me here. I want to be motivated and I want to become much better at taking pictures. Sadly, I did't took that many photos while I was on my trip, because it was raining most of the time, so the biggest part of my Photo Diary will be the outfits I wore. Hope you enjoy it anyway! :)

On the road. I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful county. BULGARIA 

Camera shop seen in Sofia.

5 days of outfits:
These are five of the looks I came up with using the limited pieces I brought with me. 

Shirt - Pull and Bear HERE; Necklaces - H&M; Loafers - Pull and Bear; 
Bag - Zara; Rings - Zara; Ripped Jeans - Zara HERE
Lipstick - KIKO 909

T-shirt - Tally Weijl; Necklace - from a random shop; Skort - Stradivarius HERE
Sunglasses - Meli Melo; Loafers - Pull and Bear; Bracelet - Six
Lipstick - Bourjois Velvet lipstick in Peach Club 

T-shirt - Pull and Bear; Sneakers - No brand;
Ripped Jeans - Zara; Bracelet - Six; Scarf - Pull and Bear HERE
Lip balm - Catrice lip shine colour up balm 

Cropped Shirt - H&M; Necklace and bracelet - Six; Sunglasses - Meli Melo; Loafers - Pull and Bear; 
Capri Jeans - Pull and bear; Bag - Zara
Lipstick - Bourjois Velvet lipstick in Peach Club 

T-shirt - Tally Weijl; Headband - Terranova; 
Capri jeans - Pull and Bear; Sneakers - No brand 
Lipstick - KIKO 909 

Office space: 

And while I was there I made myself a little 'office' and I fell in love with it. 
I put some of my make up items just to feel more like home. I loved being in an all white environment and I want to make a little office space like this at home.
The cup, the little white plate and the candle I bought from Ikea while I was in Sofia. The candle is vanilla scented, the little plate it's actually a candle holder, but I'll be using it as a jewelry holder and the cup is just baby blue and super cute. 

Note to self: I loveeeeed using this Mac book Pro and now I'll be saving all my food money so I can buy myself one someday. :D 

Hope you enjoyed my little diary! 


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  1. Lovely photos, I love the one of the camera shop. I also like how you made yourself at home. It only takes small things to make you feel like you're at home.

  2. Страхотни снимки на полето с рапицата и Балкана!!!

  3. wonderful photos!
    happy sunday sweety!

  4. Много хубави снимки, особено пейзажите. И аз си падам по белите мебели :)

  5. I fangirled so bad right now. Прекрасни снимки, като се започне от пейзажите, до outfit-четата и офиса, просто страхотни! I actually screamed when I saw That's Heart palette ♥♥

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