четвъртък, 29 май 2014 г.

Corals on my collar | OOTD

 The thing I love most about the warmer months is that I get to wear all the beautiful bright colours that I want! And speaking about colour this is my all time favourite bag, of course, because of the coral. I bought this bag back in 2011 when I was still in high school and it was a big deal for me, because I never before owned a colourful leather bag. Now this is my oldest bag, but I love it so much and wear it a lot every summer. 

As for the outfit...
I still have classes in the university and despite the warm weather I can't wear shorts there, so I went for a pair of cropped pants, cropped shirt, heels and colourful necklace. I think that the coral looks great with the blue and reminds me of the beach. I love this outfit, because it's comfortable and elegant, but it has that girly/breezy vibe. 

Нещото, което най-много обичам през топлите месеци е факта, че най-накрая мога да нося всички ярки цветове, които искам! И като става въпрос за ярки цветове - това е най-любимата ми чанта, разбира се, заради кораловото. Купих я през 2011, когато бях все още в гимназията и беше голям работа за мен, защото никога преди не бях имала хубава цветна кожена чанта. Сега това е най-старата ми чанта, но все още много я обичам и я нося всяко лято.

Все още имам часове в университета и въпреки топлото време не мога да нося шорти там, за това заложих на тази комбинация - панталони до глезена, къса риза, обувки на ток и цветно колие. Мисля, че кораловото изглежда много добре със синьото и ми напомня за плажа. Много харесвам това облекло, защото е удобно и елегантно, но има своята момичешка и свежа нотка. 

Necklace/Колие - SIX
Shirt/Риза - H&M
Pants/Панталон - ZARA (old)
Bag/Чанта - Parfois (old)


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  1. Колието е уникално, тази фирма SIX ги имаше по бг моловете нали :)

  2. Another gorgeous outfit Kalina! Love those pants - i really like how they're cropped and bit and have those cool zippers :) Just a gorgeous casual outfit :) x
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  3. I loved ur top n that necklace,, very pretty,, hv a great day ahead xo

  4. Super cute outfit. I especially like the print of the shirt and the statement necklace. Also that wonderful coral bag.

  5. This looks SOOOOO nice on you! Really does, I looooove that necklace!

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  6. You look simply stunning dear..Thanks for visiting my following u on GFc..hope to see u soon in my space


  7. So lovely!! Beautiful background :)

    xx ∆∆

  8. I have a thing for bags, and yours is certainly perfect for a day out and about!

    You have a new follower! I would be more than happy to see you in my list as well.

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  9. Много ми харесваш! Панталона и ризата ти стоят перфектно :)

  10. great look, love your shirt!
    happy day!

  11. Great look!

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  13. Such cute photos! And the background is great with the coral and blue.

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  15. You look amazing<3 Your shirt is nice, i want it!
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  17. Very chic look! You look great. Thanks for your sweet comment. Let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. Have a lovely weekend.

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