понеделник, 11 ноември 2013 г.

Monday Inspiration - Plaid/tartan

The other day I was thinking what should I do for my 'Monday Inspiration' this week and I realised that I didn't do a post for one of the biggest trends this fall - plaid (a.k.a. tartan). 
This season you can see plaid on everything from shirts and pants to shoes and accessories and if you stake on it you could never go wrong. It's really fashionable, brightens up every plain outfit and it can be worn in many ways. How could you not love it? 
See how the fashion bloggers wore it :)

Hope you got some inspiration! :) 


8 коментара:

  1. Beautiful pics! love this all bag!

    I follow you blog, I hope you follow me back, thanks!

    -Alexander and Elena

  2. You have a very good blog! I like your posts and your taste! As for your inspiration this week I love tartan! You have some very stylish suggestions here!
    Have a nice week!