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Little Black Essentials

You might have heard the saying "Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet". Well, that's true, but I want to add some more little black things to that list.
Here are my black essentials: 

 Black Blazer
You can wear it with jeans and T-shirt, or skirt, or dress or anything you want and your outfit will always have that classy vibe that a simple black blazer gives. 

Black T-shirt
I love plain T-shirts! They are so basic and you can style them any way you want. For me is important to have a black T-shirt, because I can wear it under a sweater, cardigan, blazer or you can style it with statement necklace or scarf... You can do everything with it! 

Black Leather Jacket
Because it is timeless, is classic, it goes with everything... You just have to own one!

Black Pants/Skirt
I think that a black pants or skirt are really classic too. You can wear them in the office or school, every day or on a special occasion. Great closet basic!

The skirt could be A-lined or pencil skirt or any other kind you want as long as is well fitting and you like it.

Black Sunglasses 
The sunglasses are great accessory. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they are also beautiful final touch to any outfit. They come in so many different shapes and colours, but I think a black pair is always needed. 

Black Bag
For me the perfect bag has to be black and big enough to hold all my things. I think a big black everyday bag goes with every outfit and it is an absolute must-have. 

 Black Pumps
A good pair of black pump is always great when you need to glam up your outfit and of course they go with everything! 


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  1. Аз пък бих казала, че черното винаги е на мода! ^^

  2. Чудесен пост!
    Благодаря за коментара в моя блог! :)

    ПП. Поздравления за страхотния блог!

  3. I totally need that perfect black bag! I'm in a hunt for one! XO

    1. I was on the hunt for one for so long, but I found it :P Hope you find yours too!! xox

  4. Great post! Love all the black essentials, but especially the jackets. Followed you on bloglovin'!

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