петък, 29 ноември 2013 г.

Bedroom Inspiration

Recently I realised that I miss so much my old bedroom. It was really colourfulI, I had lots of pillows there, my wall was covered in pictures from magazines, I had my stuffed penguins lying around and it was so cozy.
And since I love interior design I searched for some bedroom inspiration and decided to share it with you.   

 What I love about these bedrooms?  

 The flowers -   Flowers in vases, in flowerpots or even fake ones bring live to the room.

The pillows - I think that they can make any room look cozy and they also bring colour to it. 

The framed pictures - Pictures make the bedroom more personal. You can hang pictures of you and your family and friends or pictures you like and whatever you choose will make the room YOURS.

The nightstands -  I think that a cute little table is the perfect nightstand, but  even a wooden tray looks nice and creative. I don't even have to say why you need it. 

What do you love the most about your bedroom? 


четвъртък, 28 ноември 2013 г.

Christmas Wishlist ♥

It's already cold and it's starting to snow, so it's time to bring out the Christmas lights and the holiday spirit! I've started buying gifts for my family and I got super excited. I started to think what would be the perfect present for me this Christmas and of course I didn't miss the chance to post my enormous wishlist here for everyone to see. 

1. Naked 2 from Urban Decay - I'm obsessing over this palette for over a month now. I think that it contains the perfect colours for me. They are more browns and golds in Naked 2 than in the new Naked 3 palette, where the colours are more on the pink side. I think that brown and gold shadows compliment my skin tone and I would wear them for any occasion. 

2. The Life Pallet from Em Cosmetics Michelle Phan or anything from her cosmetic line. I'm so in love with the packaging, the colours and I love how you could make your own little palette. Unfortunately, they don't have shipping to Bulgaria.

 3. MAC lipstick in shade Cyber - I never owned a lipstick from MAC, because they seem pricy to me, but I want to try them someday. I was looking for a dark lipstick and I googled 'dark plum lipstick'. The first site that came out was MAC cosmetics. I think that this colour is different from the usual dark red lipstick and it's a great new alternative.

 4. Sigma make-up brushes - I watched so many videos about make-up brushes and these got to be the best! They look so amazing, I didn't hear a bad thing about them and now I want them so bad! 

 5. OPI nail polish in shade Malaga Wine - I own one nail polish from OPI which is a favourite of mine and I want to try more. I like this dark red polish. It's so pretty and it's also great colour for Christmas.

 6. Black or burgundy fedora - Beautiful, warm hats. They will go with most of my outfits and they are great winter accessory. 

7. Knuckle rings - So pretty and they go with any outfit. I've seen similar ones in Zara and H&M. 

8. THE BAG - I was looking everywhere for a similar bag to the Celine ones. I could never afford to buy the original and I didn't find a nice looking replica. I still want it, though. So if you see that bag somewhere on the street, PLEASE send it to me!! (I will bake you muffins)

9.  Inspire Me T-shirt - I was obsessed with black pictures or words on white tees. Now I'm changing it to black tees with white ornaments and I love this one, because of its inscription.

10. White Converse - I love the look of these! A white pair of sneakers always brings a casual yet stylish vibe to the outfit and I really want to have these babies in my closet. 

11. Wedge Sneakers - If you want to be fabulous and comfy at the same time this is the perfect shoe for you. It gives you height and it's easier to walk in it than in heels. 

12. Penguins!! - I love, love, LOVE penguins and everything that has penguin on it. Here I will show you the perfect penguin Christmas sweater, but you can buy me anything else with penguins and I will be more than happy.

What do you want for Christmas? 


November Favourites

November is ending and I want to share with you what I've been loving this month. 

I love red lipstick and fall is the perfect time to wear it, so there is no surprise that my KIKO lipstick made it to the favourites. It's in shade 909, it's not very dark or light, it has great coverage and it's moisturising.
My second favourite lipstick is this bright pink one from Catrice in shade 210 Pinkadilly Circus. The colour is strong, the lipstick stays on for hours and it's moisturising, it's trendy and it's perfect for a night out. 
The third lipstick I loved this month is from AVON in shade Buttered Rum. I got this lipstick in April, but it's really dark and it's not a spring. I wore it a lot in November, because it goes with many different outfits. I never owned lipstick from AVON before, but I like that this one last on my lips, it's moisturising and it was very affordable. 

I'm really into nude and pastel nail polishes this season. 
The one from OPI is called My Vampire Buff. It goes with every outfit and it's easy to apply. It was my go-to nail polish for the month of November.
The next ones are from Rimmel from their 60 seconds collection. The first one is called Round and round the garden and the second is Caramel cupcake. They really dry in 60 seconds, the colours are great and the brush is big and flat which makes you do your nails faster. These are the perfect nail polishes for girls on the go. 
The last one is Nail Nurse Nail base and top coat from Rimmel. This is the best top coat I ever used. When I apply this as a top coat my nail polish stays for a week which is a long time for me. I also apply it as a base and it made my nails harder and they don't break as much. I would buy this again and I recommend it if you have oily nails and your polish don't stay long or if you have soft nails that break a lot. 

My favourite jewellery if the month is a statement necklace from Six. I love wearing it with striped, black or white t-shirts and blue pants or jeans. It brings colour and classy look to the outfit. 

And last but not least - my favourite scarf of the month. I bought it recently from Stradivaruis. It is a burgundy coloured infinity scarf. I love scarfs and I own tons of them, but this one is the most perfect fall/winter scarf. It's so big, it goes with most of my outfits and it's really warm.


понеделник, 25 ноември 2013 г.

Monday Inspiration - Cold weather outfits

November is ending, December is coming, fall is ending and winter is coming! Is getting cold outside and all I want to do is stay at home with something warm to drink and my adorable penguin blanket. Unfortunately, I can't do that, because I've got to go to the university. That means that I'm outside everyday and of course I want to look good, so I searched for some cold weather outfit ideas and here is what I found and liked. 

Hope you got inspired! :)