петък, 25 октомври 2013 г.

My fall fashion wishlist

Since fall is here to stay for a couple more months and my birthday is coming up I decided that it's the perfect time to make my fall fashion wishlist. I tried to choose trendy pieces that could stay in my closet longer than just one season. 

My first thing on the list is a Waistcoat/fur vest. They are so many kinds of waistcoats out there and it's really hard for me to decide whether I like it shorter or longer, with zipper or not, with longer or shorter fur.. so I'm still searching for the perfect one :)

The second item is a pair of Black Pumps. I think it's a must-have piece and every girl should own elegant black heels that she could throw on and make her outfit more classy instantly.

Next is my favorite trendy item for this year - coat with leather sleeves. I think that these  coats/jackets are great transitive piece. You can wear them with flats, sneaker, heels, boots and you can wear them day to night. Awesome!

And since the weather is getting chilly I tough that I want an over-sized sweater to keep me warm, but I want it in a happy color like pink or mint. I already have some over-sized sweaters in dark colors, but I need something colorful to wear for those gloomy days.

The next item is something that I want for a very long time but it's really hard for me to find. Hopefully, I will find a great Floral shirt soon.

I'm usually the colorful person in the room. I'm the girl with the colorful pants and scarfs. But this year I find my self wearing more blacks, whites and greys and that's great, because the monochromatic looks are very in right now. So.. I'm obsessing over some gray blouses with black sleeves, black leather or black lace detailing. I've got to own one!

And last but not least is a thing that I've been wanting for a long time now and that is a wrist watch. I'm in love with this one by Michel Kors - Slim Runway Watch. 

And what do you want to add in your wardrobe this season? :)


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